Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Principals and the Budgerigars

The SustainED cluster principals met at Stanhope Road School in Mt Wellington today for the first of four Principal Meetings planned for 2008.

First on the agenda was conference feedback and SWOT analysis from Cyril, Mavis and Peter, the three cluster principals attending Learning@School in Rotorua. This was followed by feedback and the sharing of conference resources gleaned by cluster facilitators David, Julie and Pam.

Next Cathy Vercoe Sales Manager for e-Cast a video streaming and hosting service gave a 40 minute presentation to the principals group explaining how the critical literacies developed when students can access video footage from around the world would help meet the clusters three key questions pasted below.

SustainED Cluster Three Key Cluster Questions:
1. If we are “To give the leaders of tomorrow the knowledge they need to operate in a world rapidly running out of resources and facing the challenges of climate change.” MoE SOI 2007 what learning experiences should we include?
2. What are the conditions of value in teaching and learning that will support these learning experiences?
3. How might ICTs enhance these conditions of value?

After scones and jam and asparagus rolls (the detail is always worth noting) we regrouped and completed items 4 to 11 on the agenda


1. Welcome
2. Learning at School 08 –
SWOT Reports from Principals (Cyril, Mavis and Peter)
SWOT Reports from Director/facilitators (Pam, Julie and David)
3. eCast Presentation (Cathy Vercoe e-Cast Educational Sales Manager) Cathy has a copy of our cluster questions and will attempt to show us how ecast can enhance conditions of value in teaching and learning within our cluster. (40min with questions)
4. Lead Teacher Teams and contacts
5. Finalise facilitators for F2F visits (Meadowbank and Glen Taylor) (Refer attachment)
6. Baseline Survey Reminder
7. Joining the ict_pd Online Community on Centre4 (Refer email)
8. Access to the audio conferencing bridge (Refer email)
9. Authoring the SustainED cluster Blog
10. Contributing to the SustainEd cluster Wiki
11. Everything else

And the budgerigars?

If you carefully study the photographs from the entrance to Stanhope Road School you will see that all visitors get a Melopsittacus undulates welcome ..


Dr Kofoed said...

I am all a twitter - a useful blog for we birdies.

artichoke said...

Suspect that this means you will enjoy Moon Poem by James McNaughton in Best of New Zealand Poems 2001

Moon Poem

I hung out one night with a one-legged poet
in a campsite at Windjana Gorge, in Western Australia.
I’d seen him the day before, in Tunnel Creek,
where he was worrying about keeping his stump dry,
and leaning on his girlfriend. He was much more at ease
on the mattress in the back of their Combi
rolling joints and dispensing beer from the bar fridge.
I can’t remember how we got talking,
or his name or his face, but I remember his motorbike accident —
and all the compensation money going on speed and pizza.
I didn’t read poetry then, but his stuff sounded
good to me, the Leonard Cohen poems
even better. The one that really stuck, though,
was a poem by a mate of his about two guys in a truck
tearing along some lonely road at night, speeding off
their nuts. The full moon was described as ‘the original Aspirin’.
I thought that was great, a revelation, and all his mate’s poems were great,
and Leonard Cohen’s were great, and some of his were . . . good.
He got pissed off as the night went on — felt my enthusiasm
was misdirected, so I stumbled off to my car.
I was about to leave next morning when he hopped over
in his black Y-fronts. He was covered in bright tattoos:
parrots, budgies and macaws. ‘Is that a budgie?’
I asked, pointing at one. He said it was a budgerigar.
I almost said, ‘Wrong kind of birds, mate, there’s no tits.’ But something
stopped me. I just said, ‘Makes a nice change,’ and he said ‘Yeah,’
and we shook hands.