Sunday, 24 February 2008

SustainED goes to Learning@School_08

Our cluster was well positioned to make the most of the new learning opportunities at Learning@School in Rotorua, with three principals, lead teachers and cluster facilitators in attendance.

You can check out our reflections on the conference at the Artichoke Blog and the Turning the Supertanker Blog.

In Breakout 3 SustainED Facilitator David Kinane took a nudge from the key competency "Participating and Contributing" and shared his expertise with other conference participants.

Cyril and I joined David's session on "Blogging: ICTs Trojan Horse - using blogs and Web2.0 tools to build online learning communities. See if you can spot us in the Photobucket slide show.


Marnie said...

Well done David. You should post your notes somewhere on the wiki so we can all take a look. First Learning@school, next... the world!!

D A Kinane said...

Marnie, my notes are on the Learning@ School site Learning @School-presenters
I think that to download these you will have to log onto the centre4 website with your user name and password from Ulearn or any centre4 organised event that you have attended.