Monday, 3 March 2008

"exhilaration/ scientific-credibility/ disappointment/ teacher-bashing cycle"

Cuban (1986) calls the struggle to implement new technologies the "exhilaration/scientific-credibility/disappointment/teacher-bashing cycle":

The cycle begins with a period of excitement in which reformers…tout new technologies as solutions for whatever ails the nation’s schools. Shortly after the new technologies gain some attention, academics produce studies describing the effectiveness of the new tools. As the technologies fail to gain widespread acceptance in schools, new surveys document the disappointingly infrequent use of the technologies by educators. During the final phase of the cycle, teachers are criticized for resisting change and subverting the improvements made possible by the new technologies (p. 22).

Cuban, L. (1986). Teacher and machines: The classroom use of technology since 1920. New York: Teachers College Press.

Jamie Mckenzie's spotlight presentation at Learning at School 08 - "The Journey of Change" provided cluster facilitators and school leaders with well argued reasons, and practical ways to avoid "the blame game" when working with "late adopters" of technologies in schools.

You can read Jamie's thinking about these issues through the following links

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