Saturday, 15 March 2008

First online theme: Interactive Whiteboards

First online theme: Interactive Whiteboards

The first online theme will run from 17-28 March and the focus asks the question Interactive Whiteboards: Do they enhance the conditions for teaching and learning? The purpose of this online theme is to:

  1. become better informed about what exactly an interactive whiteboard (IWB) is
  2. explore the impact of IWBs on specific learning outcomes
  3. discuss and debate if/how IWBs enhance learning
  4. discuss and debate components of interactive learning. Do IWBs contribute?

The online theme can be accessed here and will still be available for you to access after the completion date. Please explore the content and feel free to share it with your staff. There is a range of material available focusing on exploring pedagogy, effective practice, readings and research, and debate and discussions.

Synchronous audio conference
Live audio conference with special guest, Sue Hodge

Date: Wednesday 19 March
Time: 4-5pm
Number to call: Audio Bridge Number: 0800 693363 PIN 0253#

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