Monday, 10 March 2008

Is building an ict_pd community based on Sustainability education an oxymoron?

"Considering the high profile of Information and Communication Technologies in our daily lives, it's surprising that the waste products they generate, and ensuing disposal problems, do not loom as large in the public view. "

Check out Lust for upgrades builds a mountain of e-waste in The Age

Or any of the many many useful learning links in the “wwwtools for teaching” latest issue -Resources for E-Waste Education


D A Kinane said...

The January 2008 edition of the National Geographic ran a series of articles about IT waste and recycling and the countries that are being exploited to recover toxic heavy metals. You can read related articles

lucychili said...

some schools do computer recycling projects with open source software. this might be a way to improve sustainability and reduce waste. it is pretty intensive work but a great groundup education in technology. producing recycled computers for local community use can be very rewarding. you do need to have strategies for where the materials which cannot be used need to go for futher processing. is a community group which does this in adelaide au.
grant high school in mt gambier au has previously done this kind of project.

lucychili said...

margaret wheatley writes some interesting material on sustainability and on education.
she is the founder of

artichoke said...

Thanks for the contacts and ideas Lucychili ... great ideas for professional reading and professional action by cluster teachers