Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Lead Teacher Day - Term 1 2008

The SustainEd contract started with a missed coffee and opportunity. The coffee was mistakenly drunk and the missed opportunity was the 100% failure to walk to work, by all! Therefore sustained attention spans were diminished due to lack of caffeine as were the world's fuel stocks.

On the bright side we have our first request for ICT PD, how to secure wireless networks from unwanted data 'borrowing!"

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Marnie said...

David is teaching us

cj said...

Finally I got here!
After first cluter day shared SOLO with children. First understanding was what has anyone ever heard of the word solo. Children identified singing a solo and playing instruments solo. So SOLO meant alone. To fly SOLO was to do something by yourself. So as learniers this meant to be able to do things by themselves.

preba said...

Thank you for a very productive and exciting day. I am very motivated to get back to school and get started on some of the wonderful ideas we covered today.