Friday, 7 March 2008

Part Whole 2

Today I copied 'neraknz' and tried out the shoe idea too.

We started by making a definition map about shoes in general, then we chose the most interesting shoes in the class and moved the vocabularly into the relevant or not relevant boxes based on those particular shoes Then we wrote a definition of the shoes.

After the definition we did our part whole map:

Very successful lesson - I was amazed by the ideas coming from some children. Next time I am going to do the lesson on paper/card rather than the smartboard to make it more interactive for the children - particularly with the define map I think it is nice for them to have ownership of some words and move them around physically. Will let you know how I get on.


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artichoke said...

Thanks for sharing this Marnie - next step will be to get your kids to write from the map -and then use this process in other settings - and I loved the sneakers ... almost but not quite enough to shift me from black

I am also interested in your comments re interactivity and ownership wrt IWB - we must find time to talk about this