Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Research Resources: Publications New Zealand

Publications New Zealand is a new beta website of the publicly accessible record of New Zealand publications from the National Library.

Publications New Zealand makes information about New Zealand publications available online. It includes descriptions of published items from or about New Zealand, from the earliest days of New Zealand publishing through to the present.

Publications New Zealand is a successor to the New Zealand National Bibliography: Te Rarangi Pukapuka Matua o Aotearoa. It provides a record of New Zealand's publishing activities and is a reflection of the social, cultural and scientific endeavours of the country. It includes information about publications in many formats, including:

  • books, journals and magazines.
  • sound recordings, music and audio-books
  • films
  • maps
  • CD-ROMS and other electronic publications

The information in Publications New Zealand lists items that are:

  • published in New Zealand
  • published outside New Zealand and have at least one-fifth New Zealand content, have a New Zealand setting for fiction, or have a New Zealand author or editor.
It holds much promise as a research site for teachers and older students in our cluster looking for resources, ideas and background when planning learning experiences to explore issues of sustainability in a New Zealand context.

Thanks to McGovern Online Blog for the link

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