Friday, 28 March 2008

Using Voice Thread to Record Definitions

I have been experimenting with voice thread this week - it was pretty simple to set up but I have been having hiccups with getting it to actually record the children's voices.
We made a define map about Sea Cucumbers (because that is the inquiry we were working on this week). I am not sure whether a define map was actually the correct type of map to use but we wrote down all the things we knew about sea cucumbers and then moved the things that weren't facts into the not relevant section.
The children then went away and wrote their definitions. I was really impressed with how focused they were and I think most children came out with something multistructural. Anyway, only a few children have been able to record at present but I thought I would share anyway - we will continue adding to this next week if we can get it to record.
Also I can't figure out how to make the embedded voice thread any smaller to fit on the blog.. David? This is the link if you want to watch it properly.

Also if you are interested in voice threads you can check out this link that tells you what it is.


D A Kinane said...

Marnie, you can easily edit the code from an embed tag. the part that you need to look for and then edit is the following:

width="800" height="600"

I can not paste the whole code here as the comment field will not allow me to do so, however, you will need to reduce the size here to something that will fit in the column of the post. I would suggest anything in the ratio of 3:2, try 150 x 200 etc. You will need to ensure that any other size attributes within the code are the same. I know that this particular code has two references to size.

Marnie said...

Thanks David, I will give it a try and you will be able to see my results!

artichoke said...

The armless cucumber - if only we could all throw out our intestines when threatened - would make for some passionate role play Marnie ... better even I supect than the time I wrapped myself in pink tulle and stuck straws along my sides for setae before laying on the floor to demonstrate the longitudinal and circular muscles contractions that allowed me to Lowly Worm ooch like an earthworm across the new entrant classroom floor

- what a fabulous choice for testing Voice Thread Marnie - cannot wait for the evisceration pictures and observations.

artichoke said...

You also might want to check out/ add content to the wiki VoiceThread for educators Marnie ..

D A Kinane said...

Shame you never posted that to You Tube Pam! I would pay good money to see that... Can I put a request in for you to perform on camera the life cycle of a deep sea vent worm? The crushing pressure of the depths and the warmth of the volcanic vent, I can almost see you performing the 'dance de dichotomy' from here, but nothing beats the posted video!

Well done Marnie the edit of code seems to have done the trick.

Marnie said...

I think you should watch this clip from You Tube Pam, it will give you some good tips for your movements

The clip was my class's favourite part of our research - just think about the humor of 6 year olds and you will know why...
Thanks for that blog link - will take a look.

Marnie said...

P.S. Do you think define map was the right map to use Pam? We are doing a new mini inqiry into either Sharks or Jellyfish this coming week so will be repeating the activity.