Saturday, 5 April 2008

Training Videos

I was asked by the staff at Glen Taylor this week to make some resources for using Excel and PowerPoint. So far I have created two Excel videos and will work on the PowerPoint ones in the near future. The videos can be found on the cluster wiki, but as the collection of 'how to...' videos grow I have decided to make a training channel on You Tube. I can see that as the list of videos grow, the wiki resources page will grow too long. In future I will simply post a link to the relevant You Tube url rather than embed the video in the wiki page.

Remember if you have any requests for training videos let me know and I will put some together for you. I have only covered the basics in each of the programmes that I have made a video for, once you have mastered these, there is always room for more growth! Just let me know.

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