Sunday, 25 May 2008

ICT PD Online - Online Conference

ICT PD Online is hosting an online conference from 26 May-13 June 2008.

The focus for Time4 Innovation is on effective change to meet the needs of 21st century learners.

In order for sustainable whole school change to occur, three key areas need to be addressed:

Leadership - The professional development of a group of leaders across the cluster and within each school to strategically target the change and provide support to teachers, and thereby to students.
Learning communities - The development of networks across clusters and within schools to enrich professional dialogue around learning, to provide support for leaders and classroom teachers during times of struggle and celebration, and to share ideas, resources, and planning.
Implementation - The development of teacher capability and regular use of the ICT tools, pedagogy and processes that enhance learning and raise student achievement.

Time4 Innovation is free for all interested educators to access, so please encourage your colleagues to participate actively by viewing the presentations, engaging with the readings and supporting material, and taking part in the online interaction opportunities. New content relating to the three themes will be posted throughout the conference, and all material will be permanently available on the site.

The online conference will begin on Monday with a focus on leadership. Cheryl Doig will open the conference with her keynote presentation, in which she shares her thoughts on leadership of whole school change, and the network opportunities and responsibilities that go with implementing a successful cluster programme. This will be supported by five presentations by cluster personnel.

The site is now open for you to browse and familiarise yourself with before the presentations begin. We hope you will find the conference both challenging and supportive, and that you and your colleagues will benefit from participating in this professional learning opportunity.

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