Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Meadowbank School Define Map Examples

There have been define maps popping up all over the place at Meadowbank School this term. Here are some examples of how they are being used:

This is a define map made by Room 19 - a Year 1 class. The teacher presented the children with pictures that they sorted into relevant and not relevant in relation to New Zealand Culture.
The children then talked about the map and their definitions.
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These are pictures of the define maps being used in Room 21 - a Year 3 class. The class worked together to make the map and then wrote a class definition. All children also completed an assessment at the beginning of the term where they made their own define map about Culture and then wrote their own definition.
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Here are some examples from Room 18 - a New Entrant class. The children defined New Zealand Culture as where you were born so children who were born in New Zealand classed themselves as relevant and those who were born overseas were not relevant. The class then moved on to rugby.
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Here is an example from Room 27 - a Year 2 class - who focussed in on School in New Zealand. They have done this map on their Smartboard.
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Here is another Year 2 class - Room 23 - who have brainstormed vocabulary about New Zealand Culture and have then begun to focus on New Zealand costumes and moved not relevant words out of the relevant box.
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Many more examples to come!!

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Rachel Boyd said...

Wow, looks like define maps are growing like weeds (good ones!) at Meadowbank!
Thanks for this post, you have given me a good idea for our "Discovering Nelson" Inquiry topic.
Cheers, Rachel