Saturday, 3 May 2008

SustainED Maungarei Kaitiakitanga ICT PD Cluster Teacher Only Day

For inclusion in Milestone 1 Reporting

Implementation of the Cluster Programme: Overview of programme activities

  1. What you did: Programme pasted below
  2. Who was involved and how many was involved: All cluster teachers - teacher call back day
  3. Ranking the usefulness of the days activities against milestone measures of : relevance, timeliness, accessibility, quality of facilitation etc.). Refer blog comments
Date: Friday 2 May 2008
Time: 9am to 3pm
Morning Tea: Provided
Lunch: Bring your own paper bag lunch

Venue: Stanhope Rd School
Parking: There is very limited parking in the school grounds. I suggest that no visitors come in via the Harris Rd gate.
There are some carparks in the lower carpark off the Ellerslie-Panmure Highway. There is also street parking both in Harris Rd & Stanhope Rd. There is a walkway from Stanhope Rd through to the school.

Handouts: Please bring the handouts from the first Teacher Only Day along with the two HOT Self Assessment Rubric Resources above
Laptops: With Inspiration Concept Mapping or another visual mapping programme loaded (There is a free 30 day trial available for Inspiration ) or access an online tool – (you may want to register for some of these beforehand)

Professional Reading: Concept Mapping on Wikipedia and Joseph Novak’s “Report on The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct and Use Them” pdf - Note this is only for those made curious by Visual Mapping and whether it makes a jot of difference to student thinking/cognition – you will not need it to enjoy the day

Programme for Day - Thinking and ICT Interventions that help students “Learn how to learn”
  • Welcome and Introduction to the focus for the day
  • Cluster News:Marnie Thomas' published article on student blogging (Interface Magazine)
  • Lead Teachers from Cluster Schools report back on progress to date in their schools [Refer Cluster Wiki ]
  • Deconstructing Personalisation and the eLearning Action Plan with respect to the goals of the SustainED Cluster
  • Using the SOLO coded HOT visual mapping and developing HOT SOLO coded self assessment rubrics. E.g Define, Describe, Sequence, Classify, Compare and Contrast, Part Whole Analysis, Cause and Effect, Generalise, Predict, Evaluate
  • Cluster examples of use of HOT Mapping with ICTs (Voice Thread) and without ICTs. E.g Voice Thread (Meadowbank Primary), Crab Study Onehunga Primary etc
  • How ICTs can support Visual Mapping Learning Outcomes
  • Inspiration Concept Mapping Software – Exploring Thinking templates / Creating your own templates
  • Kidspiration Concept Mapping Software
  • What is on the SustainED wiki and blog – Tracking your school’s progress and new online "how to use...." software and Web2.0 tutorials
  • How to use those those tagged resources on the SustainED wiki
  • Reflection

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