Saturday, 31 May 2008

Using Voice Thread for Maths Problem Solving

Here is a great link to Suzie Vesper's blog where she has shared and reflected on her lesson using Voicethread to record children's thinking while solving maths problems. I am going to try this with my Year 2's - I am sure it will work fantastically!!
Click this link to view one of the group's voicethreads.


Colette Cassinelli said...

I am collecting examples of how educators are using Voicethread in their classroom or for professional development on a wiki at:

My plan is to share these examples with other technology teachers who provide professional development in their schools.

Feel free to add your own examples or links to resources. Thanks in advance,
Colette Cassinelli

artichoke said...

Hi Marnie,
Thanks for posting this link to Suzie Vespers blog - I have been exploring her wiki site - heaps of resources and links collected on one site.

artichoke said...

Stumbled over a more thoughtful collection of Web2.0 How to Resources - imho the step throughs are better crafted - tighter, with greater clarity in the text and altogether easier for teachers to use - try Liz Davis at