Friday, 27 June 2008

Describe Map - Year 2

NB. I apologise for the orientation of the photos but I can't seem to fix it!! (Marnie)

Sarah has been doing some great work in her Year 2 class with the describe map. The children went to a Maypole Dancing demonstration and when they got back to class they recorded their vocabulary on a map. Sarah has been trying to explain 'relational' to her class and told them she was trying to get them to link ideas together.

We have been discussing/debating the writing of a couple of students - trying to figure out if they are relational or multistructural. If anyone can enlighten us further we would be most grateful.

Here is the map:

We think this piece of writing is relational as it has linked together 3 ideas as all being dances - we think this is an example of classifying ideas.

This piece of writing we are debating between multistructural and relational - it is just 2 facts BUT the facts were from different areas of the map so have been linked together...

Please comment to leave Sarah some feedback about where you would place these writers. She is going to use these examples to help her class understand 'relational' further. We also thought a next step could be to use the same map vocabulary and sort it on a classify map with her class to help scaffold the other children to think at a 'relational' level.

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