Sunday, 20 July 2008

SustainED TOD#3

The third SustainED Cluster Teacher Only Day held on the Friday 19th July - the very last day of the school holidays - at Meadowbank School - it was a remarkable showcase of teachers teaching teachers.

We started the day with Cluster Sharing. Each school sharing their progress to date. The raw and flawed thinking approach. The format of presentation was left up to the schools and we had a rich mix of ICT and voice - music, image and analogy in equal measure. Presentations included examples of planning/assessment /student learning outcomes/shared professional readings/PLC’s/anecdotal comments/photographs of students in action.

We didn't invite any outside speakers relying instead on positive deviance thinking to identify the expertise within. The buzz at the end of the day and the teacher feedback sheets suggest it was a strategy that will pay great dividends in terms of building teacher confidence and teacher competence across the cluster.

Teachers from each cluster school identified something they might teach others and volunteered to prepare a workshop to share ...the slide show reveals the variety of choice on offer during the day. And with ninety minute sessions participants were able to dig down into the content, skills and strategies on offer.

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