Saturday, 9 August 2008

Viewzi: The Timeline View Search

Check out this new search application –Viewzi a Visual Search Platform launched “The Timeline” view this week, this visual search platform allows you to see your search results horizontally along a timeline (Google date stamped)
When you mouse over an article, the article lights up in blue and gives you a brief description. From there, you can click on the blue box, which will give you a larger snippet of text as well as a screenshot of the page and the date of the article. From there, you can click a green button and be on your way to the page.
Search engine result pages are displayed from top to bottom in order of relevance and are colored from light blue (most relevant) to dark blue (less relevant). Pages are also displayed on the timeline from right to left according to the last updated timestamp. Viewzi gets its timestamp data from Google.
The timeline is expandable, and you can drag a white bar across the top of the screen to search older results or scan more recent results. From Mashable Blog
Will be a great addition to our ICT toolbox at SOLO relational level - for enhancing the conditions of value when students are researchers

Look what a snapshot of a search for “ictpd_clusters” reveals

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