Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Space SOLO

This term at Meadowbank the Junior Team is studying Space and we are linking the Science and Technology areas of the curriculum.

In my Year 2 class we are studying the planets and then we will be creating a machine in Technology that could explore a chosen planet.

The first step for this is that the children need to become experts on the planet they will be visiting. The children have selected their planet and worked in groups to research about their planet - they have created a define map with their information. The second step has been to work in their group to define their planet - each child was only allowed to say one sentence. Here is a video showing their work.

The next step will be for the class to give each group feedback about their definition and place their definition on the SOLO Taxonomy. Then the experts in each group will have to work with another group of experts to compare and contrast their chosen planets.
The purpose of this is for the children to decide what unique features their planet exploring technology will need to have to enable it to explore their particular planet's environment. Perhaps a part-whole map will work well for this. It will be interesting to see what they come up with!!

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