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SustainED Cluster Day Presentation July 08

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Smart Board Presentation Notes

Using and integrating an interactive whiteboard in a junior writing programme.
Bronwyn Meadowbank.
Modelled writing – teacher, Shared writing – teacher and students, student writing – Students. Show student blog from previous Nes.. Show word integrated into writing programme. Demonstrate how to incorporate the blog into programme using parent helpers in a Junior class.

Task Board Activities
Blogging –once per week
Smart board – once per week
White boards – once per week
Guided Writing in books – 3 times per week
Publishing Writing – once per week

Smart board
Modelled Writing - Teacher
As you would with a paper the teacher is modelling good writing practice to the children and modelling surface features. I have constructed various templates using the smart board software to model writing.
New Entrant / Year 1 plan using a picture. You can add a web to planning template.

Shared Writing – Teacher and Students
Children write on the smart board to construct a shared piece of writing. Invite children to write a letter, word, add a full stop, underline words, circle sounds in words,

Buddy Writing – Students
Pairs or small groups use the smart board to write a collaborative piece of writing. This is another task board activity that children do once per week.

Using Word


Parent helper – Trained parents to support collaborative work, trouble shoot, assist with helping children to hear and record sounds, verbally constructing the sentences to be written.

Buddy Writing - 2 children per computer. Mixed ability buddies, Pair a stronger writer with a weaker writer to collaboratively write a joint story. Benefits for both students to learn from each other

Writing Task board - Included in writing task board rotation so that each group has one session per week.

Drafting - Children spelling attempts to be recorded

Publishing - Teacher/Parent Helper to publish writing under the draft and in a different colour to differentiate the two.

Parent Communication – Invite parents to establish a blog account so that they can comment on their children’s writing.

Reading Task board – The blog can be integrated into the reading programme for students view posts and comment on them.

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