Friday, 3 April 2009

Meadowbank Year 3 - ICT and Pedagogical Changes

This term at Meadowbank the Year 3 team have all had Smartboard Interactive Whiteboards installed in the classrooms and we have also had 1 new staff member join the team.

Initially PD provided by David and myself focussed on using the Smartboard and the team have adapted very well to incorporating the new technology into their classrooms. The next step for most teachers in the team is to start using learning intention based small group activities within their programmes using the smartboard, and to increase student involvement when using the board with the class.

The second focus of PD has been on getting staff comfortable with SOLO Taxonomy and the HOT maps. 2 members of the team attended a catch up session with Julie this week and came back very enthusiastic about trying SOLO out as a teaching tool in their classroom. I have also been around modelling a define map, statement writing and self assessing in all the Year 3 classrooms which appears to have increased teaching confidence.

Below are some photos of work from the Year 3 team.

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