Sunday, 7 June 2009

SustainEd Lead Teacher Cluster Meeting#6 3 June 2009

SustainED Lead Teacher Cluster Day #6
Wednesday 3 June 2009
Venue: Newmarket Primary School
Time: 9.00 am-2.45 pm
Morning Tea and Lunch provided

Agenda (in no particular order)

1. Questions, Questioning and Questioners
"Once you have learned to ask relevant questions, you have learned how to learn and no one can keep you from learning whatever you want or whatever you want to know."
Postman & Weingartner, 2004.
How can you help your students to frame quality questions? How can you engage them in active questioning? How do students become expert questioners.
Have you ever assessed your students’ questions? What insight will this give you to the levels of complexities of your students thinking? By making this process transparent to students you scaffold their learning, and allow them to achieve success.
Lead Teachers will explore different questioning frameworks and the practical strategies that will promote deeper thinking and improve learning outcomes for their students.

2. Bring along examples of student work to share/discuss
3. David to feedback on milestone reporting
4. Applebus Tour-Stanhope Staff to share their new learnings
5. General

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