Sunday, 23 August 2009

SOLO Taxonomy and Web2.0

Changing the way teachers think about ICT use by their students. Instead of measuring whether their students can understand how to use different ICT applications at different levels of the school, teachers talk about whether their students know how to use ICTs to bring in ideas (SOLO multistructural learning outcomes), link ideas (SOLO relational learning outcomes) and to look at linked ideas in a new way (SOLO extended abstract learning outcomes).

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Tessa Gray said...

Thanks for sharing this also. There are some very useful correlations between SOLO and e-learning tools. Teachers often seek help when finding ways to integrate/infuse ICTs into authentic learning sequences.

This goes well with the rest of your planning tools and the examples emerging throughout your cluster link shows this works well for both teachers and students.

Wow, what powerful examples to share with others.

Smiles again,