Sunday, 11 October 2009

ULearn09: Learning Today: Sustaining Tomorrow

ULearn09 was overstuffed with laughter and learning. SustainED teachers started strongly with a photographic competition on Tuesday afternoon.

The "organising committee of one" took the event very seriously - and was spotted getting a duck's eye (or was it a duck's beak) view of Christchurch. It doesn't need to be said that the rest of us did our best to photograph the city without living like a duck.
Independent judges from Waikowhai Primary School - Paula and Helen - were challenged by the quality of the photographs on offer - the participants were challenged by the potential burden of success. The overall winner charged with shouting drinks at Baillies just off the square.

Best session for me had to be in Breakout 5 - Shelley Quinlivan from Epsom Normal Primary School presented a knock out session on Learning Today: Sustaining Tomorrow - A collaboration between multinational Sinclair Knight and Mertz SKM, Epsom Normal Primary and Hooked on Thinking.

Educators from Australia and New Zealand were excited by the passion of the presenter, the material Shelley shared, and by how the collaboration resources offered schools a way to interpret the (new) New Zealand Curriculum. Shelley got fabulous and well deserved feedback on the new learning shared with ULearn09 workshop participants.


D A Kinane said...

Ah but the photos were worth it! Not sure why my Mac packed a sad at coping with my 208 images, but they are now on my computer at home and I will ensure that I take the next competition even more seriously!

By Joves said...

You mean that lying prone on your stomach was just for something to do!!!I am waiting to see these shots!!