Sunday, 8 November 2009

SustainED Lead Teacher Day #8

"Our New Entrants Want To Move Out Of "Prehistoric""

SustainED Lead Teachers had an opportunity to talk with CORE Education National ictpd Facilitator Tessa Gray at their recent Lead Teacher Meeting held on November 4 at Stanhope Road School.

Tessa, who visited the cluster schools over two days, thanked the cluster teachers for their energy and enthusiasm and shared some of her impressions from her walkabout at SustainEd's Newmarket School, Onehunga Primary and Meadowbank School the previous day.

Tessa's suggested professional readings, recommended research articles in e-learning and links to online learning spaces are on the cluster wikispace.

They include:

Leading Learning wiki

Educational practices pdf

ICTPD strategic planning wiki

Education infrastructure wiki

ICT PD online archive

ICT PD homegroups netvibes

Core change management wikispaces

Notes taken during the Lead Teacher Feedback Session are available on the SustainED Cluster wiki

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