Saturday, 8 May 2010

How people influence places: Architecture of Iran

Pesaretabrizi's blog has a collection of stunning images of the architecture of IRAN during Islamic times.

Although much of Iran's architecture during the Islamic period has been destroyed over the years, even those of the legendary cities of Nishapur, Ghazni and Tabriz, due to earthquakes or barbarian invading armies, there is still a number of very impressive buildings to show. Iranian architecture has traditionally always been admired and influential throughout history, and Iranian architects have always been highly sought after - resulting in even the Taj Mahal in India being designed and constructed by Iranian architects.

The images will enable "see think wonder" explorations of the NZC Social Sciences conceptual strand "Place and Environment".

The link to another posting showing the magnificent architecture of Iran from before the Islamic conversion of Iran allows students to make some powerful relational level connections through the conceptual strand "Continuity and Change"

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