Sunday, 8 August 2010

On becoming more than a journal - "Computers in NZ Schools"

Great news for teachers looking for professional reading around elearning in New Zealand contexts ..."Computers in New Zealand Schools" is now online.

"After 20 years as a hard copy journal, the editorial board, led by its founding editor Professor Kwok-Wing Lai made the decision to take CINZS into the online world. This decision means that we can now make the journal available free of charge, and also allows us to take advantage of the interactive features enabled by the Internet. You will notice some of these features (electronic copies of articles, search features, hyperlinks and discussions) in our inaugural issue – and there are more to come. The content of this journal will continue to be a mix of best practice, research and policy articles, commentaries and software and book reviews, aimed at a practitioner audience."

"One of the aims of taking CINZS online is that it becomes more than a journal. The editorial board envisages it becoming a community of people interested in this area. As such, we would encourage you to register for and participate in the discussions, and contribute to the wiki. We also welcome your thoughts and suggestions (email our Managing Editor, Ann Trewern We would also encourage you to consider submitting an article to this journal. See the 'submissions' link at the top of the page for instructions on how to do this."

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