Sunday, 19 September 2010

Using ICTs and social media for social good

This is a great read for individuals and organisations charged with using ICTs and social media for social good - In "Wait ...What?" Blog - 11 concerns about ICTs and ‘social media for social good’ Linda Raftree

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Tessa Gray said...

Great post Pam, thanks for alerting me to this. Well written blog - about important global things that really matter. I haven't seen this before, so have really enjoyed reading it.

When you unpack the detrimental effects of ICTs, you can really see where human deficiencies prevail. Sometimes, we don't think through scenarios and their consequences to the end - until the end is upon us and then we have 'hindsight'. Sometimes that's too late.

In light of recent events locally and online, this is an important read for me. The point I take away, is - it's not the technology, it's the intention and how we can use ICTs to make a difference and not for a fleeting moment, but over a long time.

This needs careful monitoring and sometimes admitting we got it wrong. TG:)